Seahorse Aquarium Set


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Item: Seahorse Aquarium Set  


(1)One aquarium (length 26 cm x width 26 cm x height 30.3 cm);

(2) One lamp; (3) One bag of sea salt;

(4) One bag of bottom gravel; (5) One set of filters;

(6) Two pieces of white cotton; (7) One ornament;

(8) One thermometer; (9) One hydrometer;

(10) One suction device;

(11) Two seahorses (6-10 cm)


1.Longwalk Marine Biotech Co., Ltd. has spent three years from developing the artificial techniques for seahorse farming to inventing the safe, convenient, and user-friendly “Patent Seahorse Keeping Aquarium.” It is capable of saving the lengthy process of the nitrogen cycle typical of common marine fishkeeping, as well as preventing complicated equipment for processing water. In which case, you can easily enter the colorful ocean world.

2."Patent Seahorsekeeping Aquarium" is targeted at getting novices rapidly acquainted with this marine fish aquarium. A complete set of filters, lamp, and accessories is provided to meet the requirements of keeping seahorses and common small marine fish. It is suitable for decoration on an office desk or at home. Only with some simple steps, you can have these seahorses in your life. The maintenance of the marine fish aquarium is quite convenient, so there is no need to worry about its sophisticated design.